Getting Those Proverbial Ducks in a Row

Following the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign last week (October 18th), we’ve been quickly pushing things forward to ensure everything gets done on time. By now, our Kickstarter backers would have been charged for their pledges (thanks again!). The money won’t actually be deposited in our accounts for another week or so, but that’s not stopping us from moving the process forward with our printers: We submitted a final version of the book to the printer for review the very next day after the campaign ended and received feedback this week notifying us of some technical edits we need to make. We’ve made those changes and have re-submitted an updated version. Assuming everything is now good to go, we will receive a hard-copy proof of a portion of the book in a few weeks. This will be done to ensure that the colors we’re seeing on our computer screen are not drastically different from the in-print version — fingers crossed!For your reference, below is a copy of the timeline we shared in our Kickstarter campaign. So far so good! Stay tuned for updates as we progress through this journey together!

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